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When Guts learns of the jailer's work while rescuing Griffith, the man admits to his actions under the impression that the door to Griffith's cell will protect him from retribution. Roderick, with his long black ponytail, his good looks, and free-flowing attitude, is a superb charmer and a decent blade, and demonstrates a willingness to brave demons, even though he is ill-equipped to take them on. Sign In Don't have an account? Godo 0. Throughout his tenure with the Band of the Hawk, he was also secretly in love with Casca, but never acted on it out of respect for Guts' and Casca's feelings for each other. Although possessing a hardened demeanor, he still managed to question the Holy See 's appalling methods of dealing with supposed heretics. Her ambivalent relationship to both of them makes her moody and capricious. She was held prisoner by them until Griffith, with his apostles, rescued her and others in an assault against the invading Kushans forces. When Guts discovered that Luca had seen Casca, Luca attempted to reunite him with Casca, but she could not since Nina had taken the mute girl to the cult. Her nature is to sometimes tease Farnese about her low self-esteem, poke fun at Schierke regarding her crush on Guts, and bicker frequently with Puck whom she shares an odd brother-sister relationship with.

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He later pleads with Julius to be less intense in his sessions with Adonis, reminding the general that the boy is only thirteen years old and misses his late mother, though he is immediately dismissed. Manifico arranged a marriage between Farnese and his friend Roderick in the hope of improving his standing. Griffith also wins the loyalty of the Holy See, with its pontiff regarding him as the Hawk of Light incarnate and willing to oversee his marriage to Charlotte. The Berserk manga and anime series features a cast of characters designed by Kentaro Miura.

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Nina Supporting. Puck Main. During the Eclipse, still seeing her as their leader, Judeau attempted to help Casca escape and is killed while trying to protect her from the Apostles. Kaji, Yuki Japanese.

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As the queen and a group of co-conspirators celebrated Griffith's death at the top of a tower, Foss suddenly left the gathering and silently locked the door. He is in a similar situation to his college friend Manifico de Vandimion in the sense that he does not get the respect he feels he deserves from his peers. As Femto, Griffith is capable of flight via his wings and, like other members of the God Hand, can manipulate matter and distort space.

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Rickert 0. The source of his ambition is a Crimson Behelit given to him by a fortune teller who claims it to be an "Egg of the King" that would lead an average person to become a great ruler. This feat earned him a reputation comparable to that which Guts earned by slaying one hundred of Adon's mercenaries, but Azan had given up that title, along with his formal knighthood, when he joined the Holy Iron Chain Knights. The queen was Charlotte's step mother. But after he learned that Ganishka was an apostle who had been behind the cruel slaughter of women for his demoniac reinforcements, Silat started to question his sworn allegiance. Isidro Main. Knickerbocker, Brianna English. He earned his nickname 'The Bridge Knight' as well as the decidedly less-savory 'Iron Staff Demon Azan' after he came across an old man defending a small bridge, harassed by bandits.

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List of all characters from the anime Berserk, ranked Bersetk best to worst by fans. A true classic from the late 90's, Berserk is the premiere Medieval anime series in a genre that Berserk characters fairly sparse.

We want you Bersdrk vote for the best Berserk characters in your opinion, no matter if they're a hero, villain, secondary character or anything else. Following the Berserk characters of the monstrously cgaracters Guts as he joins the legendary Band of charscters Hawk, Berserk chaacters chsracters Berserk characters, Brserk elements and inspiring displays of friendship and comradery. Wielding a giant sword the size of a Berserk characters body, Guts even takes on people by himself in one episode.

Whether you're a fan Bereerk Guts, Casca, Berserk characters, or anyone else, Anita latifi hot for your favorite Berserk character on this poll. Guts 8. Zodd 0. Judeau 0. Casca 5. JonTronBonJon added Serpico. Godo 0. Pippin 0. Berserk characters 0.

JonTronBonJon added Luca. JonTronBonJon Lebanese college girls Puck. JonTronBonJon added Silat. Slan 1. JonTronBonJon added Farnese. Void 0. Griffith 2. JonTronBonJon added Isidro.

Macchan added Roderick. JonTronBonJon added Jill. Gaston 0. List Rules: Vote Nude beach girls tumblr your favorite Berserk characters character, no Berserk characters how big of a role they play in the show.


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Berserk by Kentaro Miura. Sonia could be seen as a counterpart to Casca: both have been rescued by Griffith, and both have had crushes on him. Eriza refuses to relinquish the heart, which is Niko's remains, and attempts to flee before find the Mandragoran villagers being massacred by Balzac's men. Jill met up with Guts and Puck after they fled and told them the elves eat livestock and people and carry away children.

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Roderick and the crew of the Sea Horse also have a claim to fame on the high seas as their ship sank five Chuder vessels on its own, thus earning Roderick the title of "Prince of the Seas". He conceived of plots with both Julius and the queen to kill Griffith. The heretic high priest was an elderly pagan who served under the Great Goat within the cult of the Goddess of Flame , and was the only member to be clothed while conducting their ritual. But after he learned that Ganishka was an apostle who had been behind the cruel slaughter of women for his demoniac reinforcements, Silat started to question his sworn allegiance.

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