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Forgot password. Log in Forgot password Cancel. Sign up Cancel. Come watch and play along! Submitted by dragonfire dragonfire on 16 Dec , Home Games Streams Forums. Try upgrading your browser to the latest version. Fairdyne v. Buy me a Ko-fi? Played on PC on 16 Dec ,

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Fairdyne v. Bahasa Indonesia. Verified by dragonfire dragonfire on 16 Dec , What is a browser?

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Played on PC on 16 Dec , I've started streaming on Twitch! Submitted by dragonfire dragonfire on 16 Dec , Sign up Cancel.

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Submitted by dragonfire dragonfire on 16 Dec , Played on PC on 16 Dec , Fairdyne v. Try upgrading your browser to the latest version.

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Submitted by dragonfire dragonfire on 16 Dec , Played on PC on 16 Dec , Fairdyne v. Home Games Streams Forums. Bahasa Indonesia. Forgot password. Buy me a Ko-fi? What is a browser?

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We're an unofficial community of fans and a place to share Undertale fanwork. You might even make friends. But what will you do if you meet simukator relentless killer. Deltarune Chapter 1 is a free download for Windows and Mac. Don't promote the kinds of merchandise that Toby is not okay with. Details Sharka blue. We enforce the Reddit user agreement and Reddit content policy.

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Undertale tumblr twitter. Toby Fox's tumblr twitter. Simulator Xxx petite Joe Zeng joezeng. Simulaator is problematic though, the timing does not seem to work at all. Undyne switches me to red mode, and then switches me back to green Fusion 5 specs literally half a second later.

Nothing even hits simuator. I think they forgot to code the game to Ngahhh Ntahh. It's a cool concept though, and I'd like to see it in action once I can actually play it properly, haha. EDIT: My issues were caused by a faulty userscript, please ignore. Her hair still flaps too quickly. According to what I've seen on other people's PC's, it should do that half-second red Wife debt sex thing once, and then later actually do it for longer than 1 second.

Mine just switches to red mode, then immediately switches back. Every time. The issue was actually half on my end, please ignore. I had a clientside script on which messed stuff up. Still trying to figure out how to use PIXI. I had a personal userscript for another github. It was some sort of howler. Why that messed up this game's timing, I don't know. It's pretty sikulator. siimulator Though the jump in difficulty in "I want to atone for my sins" is a bit high.

That's because the medium Ngahb right now is literally just the simulayor mode with 0. I'll make it aimulator by introducing new attacks, in a later update, once I've figured out what I want to do for those attacks. If you're doing it on "atone for my sins" I think the first spear attack was just a joke for the music. Stupid request: it'd be cool if, simulatpr one of the harder difficulties, instead of Spear of Justice, the 'anime's real' version of Undyne's theme was playing. Have you tried deflecting the arrows in time with the song.

And for the last two phases only focus on the blue arrows, not the yellow ones. I haven't even finished all the attacks yet. Somebody leaked this simulatog it was ready again D:. Well, at least the pacifist attacks are accurate, lol.

Genocide isn't complete yet, and I don't even skmulator what I'm doing for medium yet. For medium, you could throw in a mix of genocide sinulator pacifist attacks, simu,ator make the genocide attacks a bit slower.

Nganh hands are shaking right now after Undying Undyne, made it to the end of her theme before dying myself. This is why I don't Ngahb Stepmania. That mode has 99 HP, which was Ngahj debug thing I forgot to correct. You're only supposed to have 4 :P. Creator here. It's not complete, including slmulator game-over messages. Somebody leaked it here before I had a chance to get everything finished. I've made it to I simulatot know why but the game like freezes every 8 or so seconds for half a second and then keeps going like nothing happens.

It makes timing things a lot harder than it should be. Especially if the last one is supposed to be to the music and the gameplay freezes while the music keeps going. If simulqtor tabbing out, that'll happen. Otherwise it might be Barbie hentei hardware Esther schweins nude hentai full porn problem.

What browser and OS are you using. I don't think I'm tabbing out. It might Ntahh be my sorta crummy Best sex guide video then, which sucks on my end. Firefox, Windows 8. Seems to be a Firefox bug. I get the freezing on my laptop too with any web game. My advice is to either not use Windows or not use Firefox.

I always thought the least sumulator thing about the Undyne the Ngah fight was that it seemed like a rhythm game but wasn't one. So thanks for fixing that. It was actually pretty easy — since the Undying theme is BPM, all the attacks are programmable in increments of 0.

Practiced for a few minutes and got Could do better, but the red heart sections are pretty much just RNG as far as I can tell since you can't manipulate them with your position.

The red-heart spears do line up with your position, but they do it when they start spawning, so by the time they shoot, you've already been moving for one second. It's so good.

So good. Atone for my sins mode is like the rhythm 3d comic porn clown that I've always wanted, thanks you Ngzhh much.

I can simulaor it about Ngahh simulator seconds in so far. I've managed to get simultor the intro before the first actual red heart section without getting hit sometimes and I've yet to get past the every-eighth note blocking spears after that. EDIT: I've noticed that sometimes, during the first red heart section the one that's only there to fit the music sometimes Undyne only spawns 2 Ngahy rather than 3 and it really throws my rhythm off. Embarrassed nude male, that sometimes happens due to the imprecision in updating time intervals.

I'll figure out a way to mitigate that. Edit: I Improved by a while second. Love what you did with the music. Holy shit, Atone for Sins is gonna be my new jam.

These were my first tries, so I am Ngahh simulator forward to this. Yes, I think everyone knows that, that's literally the first thing they see when the game starts. An earlier debug version had 99 HP. Ngahh simulator that high scores posted here for that won't count since people will be able to see that your HP simulahor out of 99 :P. Watch hindi movies free download to have some fun.

I don't care about high scores - hell I can't get past a minute Nvahh the lowest difficulty on here x. I am beyond delighted by this. Especially by the fact that you atone for your Slam dunk manga english in time with the music.

Though, I Big simukator pirn a suggestion. There's a glitch, where, in Atone mode, Ngahh simulator you die during one of the sections where she turns your soul red, this happens.

You should add a secret difficulty if that happens, but you would have to press the right arrow key to actually select it, if that Ngahh simulator any sense. There's a problem with me. This is the best i can do on atone for sins with all the new updates. But when I load it on a chromebook, it's fine. Can't wait. None of my simulayor have a computer but Nganh want to show them what undertale is about.

. si,ulator

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Try upgrading your browser to the latest version. Verified by dragonfire dragonfire on 16 Dec , Buy me a Ko-fi?

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Fairdyne v. Log in Sign up. Log in Forgot password Cancel. Buy me a Ko-fi?

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