Rdr2 poisonous trail treasure map. The Poisonous Trail Treasure location - where to find the Poisonous Trail Treasure in the cave (34 Photos)

Climb up onto the ledge and interact with the rocks - there should be a button prompt to search them - and receive the treasure that is your reward: a whopping four Gold Bars. After a couple of steps you're at another fork - only this one isn't much of a fork, just two very short paths that come out at the same place. Just walk straight into the falls and you will see yourself inside the cave. Last but not least is the Poisonous Trail Map 3. Skip to content. Behold: Booty! Loot the lockbox for some valuable items, then continue one you can exit the campsite the way you came or go through the other exit, they both take you the same way. The map is hidden under the pile of big rocks. Left is to the exit, so you want to go right.

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Be sure that you have the first two pieces before proceeding, though. Looking left, you'll see a a drop from the ledge your on - at roughly the same height as you now, the other side of the drop, is a circular tunnel in the wall. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores.

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Left is to the exit, so you want to go right. The cave will contain the treasure that you have been setting your eyes upon. Instead, you will have to stumble upon it in the wilderness, and the following maps will take you all across the lands in Read Dead 2. Find the map inside the dead tree near the rocks.

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You will be shown a location in Scarlett Meadows. You can also find an abandoned campsite here with a lockbox that holds some valuables. Trail map 2 can be found in the north-west of Van Horn Mansion.

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Baustahlmatte hornbach. The Poisonous Trail Treasure Map locations - how to get all three Poisonous Trail Maps

Trail map 2 can be found in the north-west of Van Horn Mansion. The map will feature a snake-like formation, and a mound with rocks where the treasure is located. Log into your account. What you need to do is take a little run up and sprint, then jump towards it, and slightly to the right of it, to a lower ledge that's quite hard to see. While these treasure maps are on the same place all the time, you have the option to complete this mission anytime you want. The Poisonous Trail is one of the only treasure hunts in the game that has no prior requirements or, as far as we can tell, even any hints at its existence unless you discover it yourself. At the bottom of the pit, check the wall on the right for a small hole to crawl through into a new area. Looking left, you'll see a a drop from the ledge your on - at roughly the same height as you now, the other side of the drop, is a circular tunnel in the wall. Head inside, pick up the Cigarette card on the table while you're there, and then search under the bed in a lockbox to find it.

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Bordell magdeburg to live your best life in the Old West can get pretty expensive, which is why side quests such as the Red Dead Redemption 2 Poisonous Trail treasure map are so important, along with the other Red Dead Redemption 2 treasure maps you can discover. You can earn some serious dollar in Red Dead Redemption 2 by 3d porn horse fuck deep the various treasure maps, and our Red Dead Redemption 2 Poisonous Trail treasure map guide will let you cut straight to the chase and gather up those elusive gold bars. Before you can get anywhere near that glorious gold, you're going to need to find the map. It's hidden up in the northwest of Ambarino, Rdr2 poisonous trail treasure map of Grizzlies West, on the outskirts of Cairn Lake, just southeast of Colter. To the northeast of Lake Cairn itself is a small log cabin, and inside there you'll find a Rdr2 poisonous trail treasure map of goodies, ranging from a cigarette card to the first Poisonous Trail Treasure Map hidden in a lock box under the bed. Inventive, right. It features a large, rocky outcrop in the shape of a human face, so it's pretty hard to miss as you're riding by. Head over kap, and then run to the back of Rdr2 poisonous trail treasure map hill the face is protruding from to find the second Poisonous Trail Treasure map hidden in the base of a greasure tree trunk. This rather usually shaped location is found over to the east of New Trajl, south of Annesburg and just southwest Teen in jeans fucked Van Horn. It's a mound shaped like a serpent, hence the name Serpent Mound. But if you head to the hole inside the Rdf2 at the top that's filled with stones, inside what we assume is meant to be the body of the snake, you'll find the third, and thankfully final Poisonous Trail Treasure map. To solve the Poisonous Trail Treasure Ma; and nab those four gold bars for yourself, you'll have to delve deep into the cave network behind the waterfall at Elysian Pool. This place is to the northwest of Van Horn, not too far from the Snake Mound. Head over to the waterfall to the north of the Elysian Pool, and go through the water to discover the cave system behind it. But, here's where things get trai bit complicated, because actually you're going to find a secret sub-cave system beyond this cave system in order to find the treasure. Whip out your lantern, and then tgail through the cave pick up a few of those rare bats on the way until you pass through a triangular narrow corridor. As soon as you see what you think is a chasm to your right, go against your instinct and head straight on down until you drop down to the lowest level. Go down a little further along the path and you'll see a small hole to your right. Crouch through it and poizonous on the other side. When you're through, keep right and then left to move up the hill mzp the fork. Keep going until you reach a point where there's a large chamber taril a big, treaasure drop. Now here's where you'll need to do a bit of acrobatics. Turn to your left and walk along the cliff edge Ange vierge ways until you see a little platform below you, to your right. You need to run along the edge and jump down here. Fun, right. Well, not really, because if you fudge the landing, you will die. If you make it, you'll reach a lower level, where there's another chamber. Walk through, drop to the level below where Rdr2 poisonous trail treasure map some shallow water. Rdrr2 Climb up the small level and here, thankfully, this is where the treasure is hiding. Four gold bars, YAY. Now, treeasure a tricky part in getting back out of this cliff, but actually it's easiest if you just turn around, walk back up the slope and then just fall into that big, black hole. You'll respawn outside, still with the gold bars clunking in your pocket. See comments. Topics Tips. Red Dead Redemption teeasure.

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Left is to the exit, so you want to go right. Just walk straight into the falls and you will see yourself inside the cave. You'll slide down the other side into a little pool of water.

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Once you enter the cave, climb onto the first ledge that you come across and use your lantern after you are on the new platform. Skip to content. Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki.

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