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This type of underwear is usually worn by moe characters, and this is one of the main reasons why many anime fans are so fond of them. They were the last few in the classroom, and on their way out, Sohara, tripped and fell face first on the ground. Coming in at number two is an OVA series that is synonymous for their obligatory panty shots. Kotori Itsuka From Date A Live When she's wearing her white ribbons, she acts as her true self, a vulnerable little sister to her adoptive older brother. Love Selection Select 29 min Tmg - 1. Barely even fazed at what just transpired, she got dressed back up and was ready for her exam. Sexy 3d anime girl dancing in dirty strip club.

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Saeko Busujima From Highschool of the Dead Anime panties sure are sexy, but Saeko raises the temperature and then some. Her pink-striped shimapan panties are pretty much what we'd expect her to wear. Did I mention a thong?

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Her love for the penguin empire escalates even further as the series unfolds. On that note, what did Ritz have to do to get what she wanted? Brace yourselves; we're entering some seriously sexy territory!

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The next one on our list is a rather peculiar inclusion. Brace yourselves; we're entering some seriously sexy territory! She was fortunate enough not have the entire class around her when this happened on episode two of this series.

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Coming in at number two is an OVA series that is synonymous for their obligatory panty shots. Her pink-striped shimapan panties are pretty much what we'd expect her to wear. Love Selection Select. However, there was a negative impact that he certainly felt shortly thereafter. If you like panty shots, this is arguable the king of panty shots. Panties with prints are growing in popularity as women seek out undergarments with original designs, and a bit of character. The second reason is because Sohara was dawning one of, if not, the cutest panties on this list. Author: Kain. Hinata Hino was in class and she overheard someone talking down to Yukiteru Amano, the main character of the series, who had recently just transferred to a new school.

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She wears her white cotton panties on her head in order to cover her face Top 5 Anime by Kain. It was then; the way Kotori chose to get him up that left an impact on us. Remove ads Ads by TrafficFactory.

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Love Selection Select 29 min Tmg - 1. Hinata smacked the bully with a notebook and it knocked Yukiteru, of all people to the ground. Satsuki's wild-looking uniform is bound to titillate and cause plenty of jaws to drop.

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