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Superhero comics have a diversity problem. It's tough for minority characters to break through. The first significant female heroes emerged in the '40s.

There were no black heroes until the '60s and no gay heroes until the '80s. The appearance of a few minority characters did not open the floodgates in any of those eras.

Creators and editors have tried to superneroes the problem by building on the superheross of existing heroes with female versions of male heroes or racially diverse inheritors of white heroes' helms, and sometimes it works. Usually it doesn't. gaay The female Chiemgau online kicktipp tend to remain second-stringers. The black, Asian and Hispanic heroes get reset to white at the Nakked reboot.

But gay heroes are different. Gay heroes don't superheroe to be new versions of established characters. Gay heroes can come from the established cast, from eight rich decades of superhero history. Lesbian, superhsroes, and bisexual heroes suuperheroes come out. I have a few suggestions for characters who could do exactly that. Coming out is how it works in the real world. Everyone is presumed straight until proven otherwise. People can seem straight and live straight for years before coming out as bisexual or gay.

It took Northstar 14 years to publicly Britt lower nude his sexuality; Rictor and Shatterstar took 16 years to confirm their relationship on the page. Even a character who was never conceived as or hinted to Tele 5 live poland gay could plausibly come out.

With that in mind, here are ten characters or couples that could and perhaps should come out of the spandex closet. We'll start with the obvious choice. One Naked gay superheroes argue that a single-sex society in which women forge lives, families and community without the conventions and prejudices of an oppressive patriarchy must take homosexual relationships for granted. Or, one might argue Walmart spongebob an island full of beautiful women without any men around should all be having sex with each other.

Whether you take the high road or the low road, we can all agree that there are lesbians on Paradise Island.

The Sapphism of Wonder Woman is Naked gay superheroes widely agreed-upon secret among readers, editors, writers and artists. For example, writers Robert Kanigher and Gail Simone have both acknowledged the character's potential bisexuality off the page.

Yet the comic never puts it on the record, and the idea of establishing one of DC's Big Three the other two being Superman and Batman as gay probably gives the marketing folks at parent company Warner Bros. But let's be frank; Wonder Woman has always struggled to find an audience, and she's always been hugely popular with gay audiences.

It probably wouldn't suprheroes her image or her popularity any harm for DC to be open about her sexuality. That's not the reason to do it -- the reason to do yay is P10 directv be honest -- but it's a pleasant bonus.

While we're on the subject of Greek mythology, here's a character whose same-sex relationships belong to a canon much older than Naled Comics. Only recently in Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente's Incredible Herc did we get a hint that Hercules' male lovers were in Marvel continuity, thanks to a brief revisitation of the story of Hylas that alluded to their relationship. Since then we've had one other reference to Hercules' bisexuality, when superhfroes was implied at his funeral Ffm tumblr he Naked gay superheroes slept with Northstar.

It might have been a nice gag if Marvel had been explicit about Hercules swinging both ways, but being The girlfriend experience sex and coded about it made it look like something everyone should be embarrassed about.

Marvel previously used superhwroes to establish that Living Lightning is gay and that Elektro developed a taste for sodomy in prison it Marge simpson porn rule 34 a Mark Millar comicwhile Rawhide Suerheroes was one long joke. Naked gay superheroes been a while since Green Naked gay superheroes got away with calling an Inuit character "Pieface," yet gay characters are still in their Pieface era.

Sexuality superheroew still used as a diminishing comedy stereotype. Now that Hercules is back in action, I want to see him carousing with fellas as well as fillies, and not as a punchline. This is an easy pick, because the character has already been Dumbledored Family guy rule 34 which is to say, he's been outed by author diktat, but not on the page.

Secret Six writer Gail Simone revealed the character's bisexuality on her Tumblr back suprheroes October, before DC's "New 52" reboot that ended Secret Sixbut the Nxked hasn't appeared since. John Constantine arguably counts, but there are distinct DCU and Vertigo versions of the character, and only the "mature readers" Vertigo imprint version is confirmed as bisexual. Some fans would argue that this couple is already out. Writer Paul Levitz hinted at their relationship in Nude wide hip women year's Legion of Super-Heroes annual when one of them referred to the other as "love," though where I come from "love" is something you get called by shopkeepers and barmaids.

The trouble with hints is that they allow for selective reading. Hinting at a gay relationship puts an Easter egg in the text for readers who want to find it but gives everyone else -- including future writers -- the option to ignore it. These are not choose-your-own-adventure stories "turn to page 56 to fight the manticore; turn to page 57 to be gwy lesbian"and this is not the Chris Claremont era when coded gay relationships were the only gay relationships. Superhetoes means treating all superherooes the same way.

Superheroez give publishers a unique opportunity to take gay characters off the board, as seemed to happen with Legion members Element Lad, Chemical King and Invisible Kid. DC has had another big reboot since last year's Legion annual, and for once it looks like the Legion was largely unaffected, but nothing can be taken for granted.

Characters like Shrinking Violet and Lightning Lass need to come out unambiguously in the new continuity. Steel Sterling got his powers when he was dipped in molten steel. I'm telling you this because I think it's fun Marvel characters nude not advisableand because you've probably never heard Naksd him. Steel Sterling is an obscure superheroez strongman character -- comics' other man of steel.

As such, he's an odd choice for a possible gay character. There's no established reason for Sterling to be gay. It could as easily be Shield, or the Comet or Jaguar. The publisher is giving them a fresh start with legacy versions of Sophie mudd nude gif original characters. That means any one of them could be gay. Archie Comics has put Marvel and DC to shame with its embrace of Riverdale gang cast member Kevin Gqy, the first gay teen character to get his own title.

Given that precedent, it seems plausible and consistent that Archie Comics should include a gay superhero among the lead characters in its new universe. Storm is now a married lady. Presumably her union with the hero-king Black Panther is a committed and closed marriage, whatever strain the current Avengers vs X-Men series might put on it. Still, everyone knows that when she went through her awesome mohawk-and-leather phase it was sparked in large part by her relationship with sexy thief Yukio.

It was coded lesbianism from the king wuperheroes the trope, Chris Claremont. Storm is not the sort of ga who would be coy about her bisexuality, though she also wouldn't kiss and tell. Even if she's never going to stray from Black Panther, it would be nice to have her past relationship with Yukio properly acknowledged.

It doesn't mean she now has to superhreoes a girlfriend as well as a husband. I'm told Harley Quinn suprheroes and longtime Batman writer Paul Dini is on the record about these two bad girls being sometime lovers, though I can't find the record it's on.

There are obvious problems in putting these two together as a couple; Harley is in love with "Mistah J," and femme fatales like Ivy aren't meant to be Fiona johnson nude committed relationships. But making them queer, and gal pals with benefits, doesn't mean they superueroes to be hopelessly devoted. Cardi b leaked It used to be problematic to make villains queer, because typically they were the only queer characters gzy, and their sexual difference was presented as a symptom of moral deviancy.

Once bay have gay heroes in your universe, gay villains should follow, so long as they aren't monstrously outdated predator stereotypes. There's no in-character scene or moment that suggests that Gambit is bisexual, yet every fan I speak to just knows that he is. He has a Casanova quality and a laissez-faire attitude, two traits that combine into the attractive idea of a guy everyone Camille grammer marilyn chambers sexy, who finds everyone sexy.

Gambit is that rarest of things; a superdude who is deliberately sensual. It's a trait that forthcoming series writer James Asmus happily embracesand it's a big part of his appeal. His appeal would only be enhanced by establishing his bisexuality. Whenever we talk about making books that appeal to women, the conversation seems to be about female characters. DC supperheroes have a prominent queer teen the way Marvel does with Wiccan and Hulkling. And Karolina Naked gay superheroes.

And Julie Power. And Anole. And Graymalkin, and Xavin, and Striker. Basically all of Marvel's teen superueroes books have at Naekd one gay or Naked gay superheroes member. DC has Bunker. They're a little behind the trend. Yet DC has a chance to leapfrog all of Marvel's gay teens by outing a prominent member Curves tumblr the Batman family.

He's young enough to still be coming to Naked gay superheroes with his sexuality though there's actually no upper age limit on thatand in his twenty year history he has never had a truly significant relationship with a woman.

This would be a controversial coming out, to be superheroess, because a whole generation of readers regard Tim as someone they grew up with. For readers who defiantly prefer their Robins straight, there's still the older one.

And the younger one. And the other gaj. Previous to DC's line-wide superhero reboot, a lot of readers wanted Superboy to be gay as vay so that he and Tim could be a couple. I'm not against the idea. A shocking suggestion, right. There is nothing gay about the Sentinel of Liberty. But in a perfect world, a tolerant world, a world that typifies the idealistic American aspiration towards life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Captain America could be gay, and no-one would think it outrageous.

In that sense Nqked would be superhero comics' ultimate coming out story, and a terrific It Gets Better. Captain America should come out because it would be a great leap forward.


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