What is the strongest dragon type pokemon. Best Dragon Type Pokemon - Top Ten List (Updated Today) - Ordinary Reviews

What is the strongest dragon type pokemon. Nintendo News Fix

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Best Dragon Type Pokemon - Top Ten List (Updated Today) - Ordinary Reviews

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There are 18 different types, and the interactions between them are many, varied, and sometimes nonsensical. This means everything, including the fact that Gengar is weak to Ground again now as a Poison type that recently lost its Levitate ability and all of that good stuff. For newcomers and less experienced players, though, this is a surprisingly complex world to step into. The important thing to remember is that the types are not all created equal. Ice and Rock, for instance, are superb types to use hitting so much super effectively , but utterly craptacular types to be weak to absolutely freaking everything ever. This, apparently, is called balance. The Dragon type, on the other hand, has long been considered among the best.