Japanese knotweed uk images. How close is Japanese knotweed getting to my home? - BBC News

Japanese knotweed uk images. Japanese Knotweed images

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How To Identify Japanese Knotweed: In-Depth Knotweed Identification with Pictures | Phlorum

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Japanese knotweed is an invasive plant that, given the chance, will cause serious trouble to any property. The leafy bush might look luscious and green but behind its welcoming exterior lies a plant that can leave building foundations and drains in danger of uprooting. And left to spread, it could leave homeowners facing a hefty fine or even a prison sentence. The government website reads: "You must prevent Japanese knotweed on your land from spreading into the wild and causing a nuisance. Spraying Japanese knotweed with chemicals is an effective treatment to stop invasive plants from spreading - although it's important to only use approved herbicides. Unfortunately it's not a quick process - in fact, usually it takes around three years to treat Japanese knotweed until the underground rhizomes become dormant. Before burying the plant waste in your garden it's important to check with the Environment Agency EA to see if this is allowed.