Spurge weed images. What is Spotted Spurge and how do I control it - Roundup

Spurge weed images. How to Get Rid of Spotted Spurge in the Lawn

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Weed Gallery: Spotted spurge--UC IPM

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A spotted weed that thrives in the heat of summer, spotted spurge Euphorbia maculata is an unsightly nuisance that not only takes up residence in weak areas of the lawn, but also invades landscape beds, sidewalk cracks, and vegetable gardens. Spotted spurge is easily recognized by its hairy red stems that branch out from a central point, tiny dark green leaves with a red spot, and dense, mat-like shape. This annual weed germinates in mid-spring and produces inconspicuous, tiny green flowers all summer long. In addition to its signature red spots, spotted spurge can be distinguished from other weeds by the milky sap that is produced when any part of the plant is damaged. In thin areas of the lawn, it can form a thick mat that can be up to 3 feet across. Spotted spurge can produce several thousand seeds per plant and quickly spread throughout weak areas of your lawn. This warm-weather weed starts flowering and producing seed a mere 5 weeks after germination, so early detection and treatment are key.