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Black book sketches graffiti. What’s The Best Graffiti Black Book?

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For a graffiti writer the blackbook is a constant necessity that lets you know you are growing and experimenting as a writer. The blackbook or sketchbook is so important because it allows you to find your voice and style as a writer without having to spend tons of money on graffiti equipment or show everyone every failure you make. For example, taking a piece from another writer and trying to emulate his writing in order to get a better understanding of how he created certain shapes or how certain styles work. Think of it as your research and development center for your entire career. Taking a word and trying to break it down to see what it means to you becomes a key factor then in how you approach creating your piece and that requires you to experiment and fail often in your sketches. Making a word fit with a background and characters to give it context is one way to experiment and grow as a writer. A dedicated writer then will make a regular practice of copying down the alphabet in different graffiti styles as a way to strengthen his typography skills.