Drag racer v3 how to use nos. How do you use turbo in drag racer v3

Drag racer v3 how to use nos. How do i use nitrous on drag racer v3?

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how do i use nitrous on drag racer v3? | Yahoo Answers

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Drag Racer 3 is a free online racing game where you can choose real models of cars to race and earn fake money in the game by winning races. After you've selected your car, you simply press the space bar on your keyboard to accelerate. Press your up and down arrows to change gears and to master racing your car. For an extra boost, you can use nitrous oxide during a race to turn your car into a rocket on the race track. Choose the "Tuner Mode" option in the main menu to start the game. You can't purchase nitrous oxide in "Arcade Mode" and "Online Mode. After you've bought your car, click "Store.