Spirit science 18. Spirit Science 18 – The Four Elements | Spirit Science

Spirit science 18. The Spirit Science

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Spirit Science 18 – The Four Elements | Spirit Science

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The Spirit Science promotes a wide range of New Age woo including but not limited to astral projection , chakras , crystal woo , orgone energy , quantum woo and sacred geometry , generally bearing a lot of resemblance to theosophy. The Spirit Science endorses many " classic " pseudoscientific and pseudohistorical themes, which are in turn based on claims from cranks , willful ignorance or completely made-up ideas. It would likely be easier to list the crank beliefs the Spirit Science does not perpetuate. Jordan also operates a number of YouTube channels loaded with the same bullshit. A defining Spirit Science piece of crap is the hour-long animated "documentary" titled The Human History Movie — better known under its reuploaded clickbait title, Our history is not what we think!